Hopes for 2019

2018 was a challenging year. With the coming of 2019 comes a chance for a new start, and I am eager for what the new year will bring with the intentions I set for it.

Calm. I’m hoping to make my everyday life more peaceful by staying more organized, savoring more quiet moments, and taking more time to participate in things I enjoy. All of these are things I began doing in 2018, but will make a more intentional part of my life this year.

Words. While I did a lot of freelance writing in 2018, I want to get back to thinking more creatively. I plan to write more in 2019 – through journaling, blogging, and creative writing.

Books. Along with writing more, I want to read and learn more. I have said for many years that I’d read more once I was done with my PhD, and that has happened now. I won’t set a numerical goal, but I’ll be interested at the end of the year to know how much I’ve read.

Mindfulness. I’ll deepen my yoga practice this year by attending workshops, visiting new studios to practice with different teachers, and reading and reflecting more. By the end of this year or early 2020, I plan on being registered for a 200-hour teacher training.

Stability. I plan for 2019 to be the year that I get my footing financially, now that I have a stable full-time job. I’m eager to have the ability to be more deliberate about purchasing, budgeting, and saving for things that will bring me joy and matter in the long-term.

Travel. I don’t plan or want to travel much in 2019, but seeing as I haven’t visited a new state since 2015, I hope to make it up to Maine this year and cut my “remaining states” list down to 5 while taking advantage of my National Parks pass, which expires this summer.

Independence. I hope to make decisions that further my personal goals, which may mean deciding to do, or not do, something, with less consideration than I’ve had previously for making the right decision for someone else.

My word for 2019 is intention. It’s a word that resonates from my yoga practice. Why am I doing what I am doing, and what does this moment mean? Every moment is a chance to do something that matters. I want the idea that everything I do is purposeful to drive my actions this year.

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Aliyah is a scientist, writer, and advocate for equality in STEM. She currently works in marketing in the life sciences sector and as a freelance science writer. She is also a fan of yoga, world travel, and reality TV. You can find Aliyah on Twitter @desabsurdites.

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