Brand management

Since 2018, as the Marketing and Communications Manager at Addgene, I am responsible for our paid digital advertising strategy and marketing analytics, creative development for our print advertising and promotional materials, and branding for internal communications. I am actively involved in several collaborative projects related to Addgene’s brand management including social media campaign development and execution.

From 2016-2019, I was the Social Media Coordinator and then the Chief Brand Officer for the nonprofit STEM education organization Letters to a Pre-Scientist, I managed the social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), website, blog, marketing, and email campaigns to ensure engagement and consistency across the brand. During my tenure, Letters to a Pre-Scientist reached 1.8K monthly impressions on the blog, 13K monthly impressions on Twitter, and 4.4K monthly impressions on Facebook. We also boasted an impressive 66% average open rate on our newsletters, compared to a 19% industry average.


  • Social media management
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • Hootsuite
    • Hubspot
  • Website management
    • WordPress
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Ads
    • Google Search Console
    • Google Data Studio
    • Supermetrics
    • Adobe suite
    • HTML
  • Brand management
    • HubSpot
    • Mailchimp
    • Canva
    • Adobe suite
    • Microsoft Office suite
    • G Suite
    • Slack
  • Blogging
    • Platforms: WordPress, Blogspot, HubSpot
    • Social media integration: WordPress, Hootsuite, HubSpot